Statutory Audit

Corporate failures and challenging business environment in the recent past has tended to re-emphasise the need for more stringent and professional audit practices. On the other hand, most SME’s simply do not attach importance to proper audit until it is either too late or there is urgency in the use of the financial statements for banking facilities or capital raising and several other purposes. Therefore, aside the statutory requirements that all registered companies prepare their audited accounts and reports, there are compelling need now more than ever before to take this exercise very seriously.

Our firm will provide you with excellent and timely delivery of your statutory audit capturing all specific regulatory reporting requirements. All Stakeholders want the same thing from their auditors; reliability, evidence of strong internal control systems, assurance of corporate governance, and value audit. Our audit work would typically challenge assumptions posed by management, and based on our deep understanding of the various industries, unlock opportunities which we are happy to share with management. An assurance of independence characterise our audit work and the expression of statutory opinion on the financial statement and audited accounts of the enterprise.