Execution is the art of performance that requires the carrying out of prior policies and decision of management by taking concrete steps to achieve the objectives of the policies. This appears simple enough but many organizations suffer a widening execution gap between strategy and action/results. Anecdote suggests that strategy formulation is often cast in silos and in isolation of the “how and knowhow”

Result oriented organizations design strategy alongside execution in mind. Resourcing the team by appropriate people selection methods and placement is uppermost for effectiveness. Strong communication between leadership and the teams and amongst the teams, training and succession planning are imperative for execution to sustain in the long term for the organization. Beyond these, the right culture and processes must be evolved, nurtured and sustained to enable the organization develop its unique strategic processes and ways of doing things, which facilitates a more congenial work environment that drives timely, and effective execution.

Management must institute a measurement process with integrity that ensures the communication and measurement of goals and targets timeously at agreed intervals. The coordination function must be robust to add peep to performance and assure a fun filled environment of execution culture. At the end, execution entails myriads of issues ranging from a well-cast link between vision, mission, strategy, structures, people, culture, processes and leadership. It could be an organisational tool developed to become a unique strategic differentiator for the organisation. How to evolve, nurture and sustain this strategic resource as a winning formula for the organization is a trip we will like to undertake with you.