Cross border & International Strategy

The world is becoming smaller and businesses are taking advantage of people mobility, development in technology, and more open economies to push their products across borders and expand. The cross border business between African countries is on the increase and strong corporate entities are beginning to emerge. The usual concern is whether the strategic long-term growth that drove the initial expansion could potentially sustain the business international growth strategy.

Deep cultural differences separate countries and the culture heterogeneity results in differences in perceptions, dispositions, and behavior of people. Culture dimensions have become deeply influential in international comparison of business and managerial decisions in communications, negotiating, and marketing and understanding the context of each operating country provides a robust appreciation on how to do business in each environment. Economic cooperation and integration, legislation and different "cost of doing business indices" continue to change and affect business conduct across the region in different manners

Cross-border strategy must therefore recognize the contextual cultural, economic and legal differences in the different operating countries and design appropriate approaches to run the international entities of the organization. Typically, the organization would perform a balancing act between pressure to local imperatives and the need for cost reduction, stretching from global, international, and transnational to multi domestic strategies. The organization must adopt the appropriate international strategy that optimizes its resources within the dictates and constraints of the operating environments. Our team will like to walk along with you on this journey to discovering the winning international strategy for your organization.