Corporate & Entrepreneurial Strategy

Is the long-term vision for the business blurred? Have we created an identity from the long-term vision and does this identify translates to actionable and implementable plans for the organisation. Do we adapt the plans and align them to changing imperatives of the environment and have we built processes and culture that help to translate the plans into results. Do we measure and compare the results over time. Strategic businesses must find answers to these issues and many more regardless of what business we run. Strategy pertains to visioning and the capacity of the leadership to translate the vision to concrete, implementable and measurable plan of action. It also relates to how the leadership are able to resource the organisation to function seamlessly with its various stakeholders. Overall, it indicates the consistency of the organisation’s internal environment with its external environment.

Large existing organisations often require a different set of strategic outlook, depending most on adaptable and small incremental growth initiatives. Entrepreneurial ventures on the other hand, especially nascent businesses pursue unconventional transformational initiatives that often catapult them into stratospheric growth path. Whatever the size or nature of the business, our team of experienced professionals will listen and work with you to unearth the appropriate path towards realising the objectives of your company. A winning strategy is what we advocate for our clients.