Service Encounter

Relationships start with the first interaction with customers, either through face to face or through the virtual channels. At such interactions, customers evaluate all aspects of the service provider’s business including its personnel, physical environment, quality and accessibility of the virtual platforms, and other intangibles. The customers routinely scan and compare the physical surrounding of the service providers for evidence of ambience, decency, et al, and for the increasing users of electronic platforms the relevant concerns include uptime and network availability, user friendliness, safety, accuracy of transactions and integrated channel performance.

Does your organization take customer encounter seriously? Does your organization observe and use customer encounter experiences for improvements? Is the actual service encounter over shadowed by internal preparations? Does the organization know the preferred channels for customers encounter? Is the organization driving an efficient channel mix as a strategic cost issue?

Service encounter remains a critical point in the pathway to formation, nurturing, and stabilizing relationship with the customers, and being the first contact point with customers, the experience should remain episodic in the customers recall. Management needs to devote resources to deliver a memorable service encounter experience to its customers. Our team of experienced practitioners will collaborate with you to realize these goals.