Channel Management (Banking)

Banking channels have increased over the years and cutting across the traditional “brick and mortar” channels to alternative channels like the ATM, POS, internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking and agency banking. Customer’s increasing awareness have also upped the acceptance and usage of the alternative channels and channel deployment is almost becoming a commodity. The FINTECHS and switching platforms are unrelenting in their development and penetration of alternative channels and e-product adoption and the recent BVN scheme in Nigeria has created a swell of data base on customers. Is your bank in the fore front of alignment with these developments in order to stay relevant in the industry?

Banks must evaluate their channel deployment strategies to align with measured customers’ expectations in the various markets they serve. The millennials are already redefining the way banking is done today and require that banks stay with this class of customers for assurance of future growth. The battle for customers will be partly affected by bank’s capacity to deploy seamless efficiency across integrated channels to its customers and partly by the communication channels adopted in reaching out to customers on an ongoing basis.Timely channel renewal and configuration to align with customer’s changing needs and expectations will also affect the dynamics of the battle for customer’s wallet share. Our team of experienced practitioners will work with you to keep abreast of developments and how to stay ahead of the pack.