Every organization would like to mitigate the volatilities the business confront and stakeholders are increasingly asking for more report on risk coverage instituted by companies. Thus, enterprise risk management does not focus on risks associated with accidents only but centers on all areas including financial, strategic, operational, reputational, marketing and many others. The enterprise must develop frameworks for analyzing, measuring, and qualifying the risks with a view of proactively limiting the effects of the occurrence of the risks on the enterprise.

More damaging for some organizations is their inability to comprehend the expansion of risk mitigation processes towards the soft issues of the enterprise that potentially could have serious implications for the going concern of the bsiness. Such soft areas as staff rightsizing, service provider relationships, and engagement with lobbyist and shareholders associations could produce risk odors as pungent as the hardwired areas as IT security, physical security, liquidity management risks and others. Does your organization have a risk framework developed, revised and sensitized in tune with the external and unfolding realities? Is the risk framework sufficiently comprehensive and are they properly framed. We can work with you to provide guidance in handling and mitigating the volatilities that confront your business.