Business Plan & Feasibility

All potential entrepreneurs have a common denominator; strong beliefs, risk taking attitude and capacity for action. Entrepreneurs are often aspirational, alert and aware of their environment and recognize opportunities where others fail. However, most are unable to capture the turbulence of the external environment and the short to long-term implications for their business plan, while others are unable to dimension the business context in financing structure, organisational structure, business model, market structure, unique operating capabilities and many more. This amongst others constrain their capacity to optimize their dreams, access capital and transform from early starters to nascent entrepreneurs. Research indicates that few potential entrepreneurs make it to an established status.

Early and proper preparation in terms of a documented business plan and feasibility report of the planned enterprise could potentially help avoid some of the missteps associated with start-ups. Our team of experienced practitioners would help you in packaging your business plan and feasibility report and put you on the right stead to commencement of your enterprise. We also would assist in structuring feasibility reports for specific deal packaging.