In the absence of continental highway network and rail system across Africa, aviation has increasingly become the de facto mode of transportation between countries in the continent for the emerging middle class. Its importance reflects in the contribution to GDP of some national carriers in Africa upwards to 60%. Nigeria constitutes half of the traffic of some of these continental carriers and despite the global economic down turn, Nigeria remains one of the few countries with growing air travel passengers and the second largest passengers carried in SSA. In the midst of these challenges and opportunities, there exists untapped potentials for the aviation sector given the growing passengers profile and the rising level of interactions and connectivity between Nigerians/Africans and with the rest of the world.

However, growth in the industry in Nigeria has suffered setbacks due partly to infrastructural gaps, and partly to regulatory and cultural concerns. Research indicates that some of the major reasons for distress in the industry relate to undulating aviation policies, third party maintenance contract arrangements, availability of trained and skilled work force, strategic management of resources and efficient cost effective flight support services. These challenges add up from the early stages of enterprise planning, pre purchase inspection, deals handling, and financing to later operational stages as flight operations, flight routing and planning, ground operations and other logistical concerns.

We understand these issues and our team of experienced practitioners and alliance partners with deep knowledge of the aviation industry will work with you to address these challenges and bring value to the business, be it a green field/nascent business or a mature organisation desiring best practices and improved operational efficiency.

Our advisory in aviation includes

*Aviation management and strategy
*Leadership and entrepreneurship
*Operations and risk management.
*pre-purchase inspection
*Aircraft brokering, and deals making,
*Aircraft appraisal and financing,