Who We Are


We are a professional accounting and management advisory firm that collaborates with the client to plan their business, detect patterns in their business dynamics, bring perspectives and new insights, and assist in positioning the business for superior performance within the rapidly changing, social, and technological environment.

Hemon sees a theory-practice gap in the advisory services space arising from lack of common grounds between practitioners and academia. Hemon brings a bridge to wedge this divide and provide experiential, continuous, relevant, up to date evidence based management practices to stimulate superior performance in its client's business.

The cumulative wealth of experience of the team and alliance partners, and the firm’s root in continuous learning and innovation, position the firm to add value to the business goals of clients in perfecting and executing their organizational strategies. The team optimizes its collective expertise in engagements with clients, distilling client's concerns and challenges and transforming these challenges to performance-focused forces that facilitate internal efficiency and productivity within the constraints placed by the external environment.